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Within the waste water industry, several trends are visible which are clearly in line with other social developments. These are increased safety awareness, environmental- and hygienic developments and a reduction of operating costs. Gorman-Rupp is determined to answer to these industry trends with the Reliasource® above ground self priming sewage water pumping station.

This white paper is aimed at giving you, as a waste water professional, an independent overview of the opportunities that the Reliasource® systems offer over conventional systems. This information has been based on the experiences with more than 16.000 Reliasource® units build and supplied and the experiences of customers and engineering companies in this industry.

We hope that this information will encourage you to evaluate the potential for improvement within your organization. Obviously, our support team is always there to help you identify these opportunities.

Thank you for your interest and we hope this white paper offers you an interesting read

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